Wings Over Africa

Saving Tanzania's Elephants in conjunction with the Southern Tanzanian Elephant Program


 There are over Seven Thousand  million humans on this planet. (update - now 7.366 billion)

about 400,000 African Elephants (now 100,000 less)

4000 plus Lions

approximately 1000 mountain Gorillas

Just over 2000 Black Rhinos and  just 15 Northern White Rhinos


What's wrong with this picture?

The wild places where animals live, are being rapidly encroached upon by human activity

and wild animals are being squeezed out of their habitats with less and less space for them to live.  In addition, due to the idiotic beliefs of various Asian cultures, the few remaining animals are being hunted for their horns , tusks, skin and body parts of all descriptions, in the mistaken belief that they possess hidden healing powers, or for status symbols as carvings.


We are working to redress this balance, helping with animal conservation, first in South Africa and now in Tanzania,

by initially providing a plane, a pilot and an observer

 for free.

We are now onto our third aircraft supported by STEP and Future for Elephants in Germany.

The human population is set to double in the next 70 years, then double again every 70 years after.  We are living on the only habitable planet for Light Years, and are steadily plundering its resources and trashing the environment that we depend upon.  There is nowhere else for us to move to when we have filled up the Earth.

“it may seem impossible to imagine that a technologically advanced society could choose, in essence, to destroy itself, 

but that is what we are now in the process of doing.” Elizabeth Kolbert

Watch this video of David Suzuki explaining the issue of overpopulation - it's frightening